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UNS N06600

The Fasteners of Inconel are manufactured from an alloy that contains nickel as the main element with a little addition of other metals like chromium. Inconel UNS N06600 Fasteners are widely known for their corrosion resistance property. These Fasteners also have the high mechanical strength and is readily formed and machined. 



The manufacturers of these Fasteners are using the raw material of great quality and are performing various tests and examinations. There are many tests like the hardening test, intergranular corrosion resistance test, flaring test chemical analyses and many more. The manufacturers are also appreciating the third party inspection under the supervision of highly expert professionals to ensure the superior quality of the Fasteners with greater dimensional accuracy.



The manufacturing of these Inconel UNS N06600 Fasteners are done as per the international standards and norms. The dimensions in which these Fasteners are available are ASME, JIS, DIN, EN etc. Finally these Fasteners are packaged in multiple protective layers and safely kept inside wooden boxes or cartons. This fully shielded packaging is done to prevent any damaging or disfiguring of these Fasteners during the transportation process.           


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