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UNS N06600

The Inconel Tubing UNS N06600 is basically a chromium-nickel alloy with excellent oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. It works well in chloride containing environment and carburizing is possible due to good resistance. It is designed for usage in cryogenic temperature at about 2000 degree F or 1093 degree C. The good amount of nickel allow the Inconel tubing to retain resistance in reducing conditions so as to make it corrosion resistant by inorganic and organic compounds. The desired amount of nickel provides it excellent resistance toward stress-corrosion cracking and offer excellent resistance toward alkaline solutions.


The chromium content offers alloy resistance to various oxidizing and sulfur environments. It also keeps it superior compared to other alloys to sell it commercially.


The Inconel tubing UNS N06600 have combined good workability and higher strength with excellent mechanical properties.


Thus it is made ready for welding. It also exhibits cold forming features with chromium stainless steel. The plates and sheets of Inconel are exclusively supplied from our dispatching unit so that it can be worked well in annealed conditions.


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