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UNS N06601

Inconel UNS N06601 fasteners is designed by using top quality raw material and this grade of Inconel fastener is used in various industries due to its features. The Inconel fastener is a combination of Nickel-chromium based alloy fastener, it is suitable for critical applications, and it is manufacturing under the guidance of the expert team. It is highly resistant to oxidation through 2200°F and it is widely used in thermo well sheathing material and oxygen injection tubes in the metal and glass making industries. This fastener is not easily hardenable and is only strengthened by the cold working process.



The Inconel UNS N06601 fasteners comes in ASTM, ASME, IS, BS, UNS, etc standards specifications. It is available in standard size 3 mm to 200 mm and length M02 to M33. It is available in various forms including U-bolt, screw cap, machine bolts, hex nuts and lock nuts etc. this grade of Inconel fastener is delivering all over the world and is also available in standard and non-standard size. This bolt product is packed in plywood case or wrap in the waterproof material in order to protect the product from external damage and it is well tested and approved by the third party inspection team.

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