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UNS N06601

Do you need the best nuts for engineering applications? Then you come to the right place, you can use Inconel UNS N06601 Nuts for heavy engineering application. Because of its unmatched strength, these are reliable for architectural purposes. Moreover, this can withstand in hoist temperatures without any distortion and deformations. The Inconel nuts are being prepared from high-quality raw materials for maximum services, these offers great resistivity to extreme environments and chemical processing.


The tempering and annealing process used for hardening nuts and matte finish, BA finish, NO 1 finish for surface finishing, Passivated and PTFE coat helps to prevent them from rusting.


The manufacturers use ASTM B166, ASME SB 166 standards. These are available in custom sizes such as diameter varies from M3 to M 56, the length ranges from 3 mm to 200 mm. UNS N06601 is the material grade of these nuts. They perform many quality assurance tests such as PMI test, radiographic test, IGC test, mechanical test, and other tests, finalize by third-party inspections. The Inconel UNS N06601 Nuts are worth for the money you can use them for heavy works.

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