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UNS N06601

Inconel alloy 601 is chromium-nickel alloy with aluminum addition for the excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation, and high temperature.  Also, it is having greater mechanical properties at various temperatures. That is why the product like Tubing Inconel UNS N06601 today has become high in demand among various industries for different applications. The production of Inconel tubing is done by using good quality of alloy addition to several raw material quality standards. The production has also made effective using the latest technology and modern tools. To all domestic and global buyers, the product is supplied at different standards and custom-made specifications. A buyer seeking to buy it can get those at reasonable rates.


The testing like hydrostatic test, dye penetrant test, eddy current test, mechanical test, PMI test, IGC test etc is conducted. This is to assure that no poor quality of tubing to the esteem is delivered.


The MTC provided by the buyers is in accordance with EN 10204/3.1B. Additionally, the test certifications like radiography test report, third-party test report, the buyer's test report is provided to the buyers buying Tubing Inconel UNS N06601.

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