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UNS N06617

Inconel UNS N06617 Electrodes are said to be a nickel-cobalt, chromium, and molybdenum alloy with the outstanding combination of oxidation resistance and high-temperature strength. It is a solid solution and has increased strength. It is greatly immune to the wide spectrum of corrosive atmospheres. Also, it is readily welded as well as formed by conventional techniques. It has great uses in industrial sectors as well. Well, the blend of oxidation and high strength makes the electrodes an appealing material for such elements as combustion cans, ducting, land-based gas turbines, and transition liners. It is available in different finishing treatment such as black paint, corrosion oil, rough machined, hot dipped galvanized or in accordance with client’s need.


It can be purchased from the market in the wide range of thickness, size, and length, collectively at customized choices. It is affordable to buy form any market or online vendor. It also comes with different certifications or test reports like the flaring test, third-party inspection, flattening test, and many others. With this, its packaging is finished up in various packaging materials like wooden or metal cases, fumigate or non-fumigate plywood or as per your needs.

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