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UNS N06617

Are you in search of the supreme quality flanges for use in applications? If yes, then Inconel UNS N06617 Flanges are the best choice available in front of you. These consist of molybdenum, cobalt, chromium as well as nickel alloy contents which make it highly durable and stronger. These elements make Inconel flanges highly immune to corrosion as well as oxidation and even carburization. The flanges can be fabricated with ease and it can be hot created at 2200 degree Fahrenheit while cold formed at 1900 degree Fahrenheit. It has an exceptional weldability and fabricability.


The flanges are often used for transition lines and ducting in both land-based gas turbines and aircraft or combustion cans. These are best for use in fossil fuel and nuclear productions. These are now available in the wide range of thicknesses and sizes and even specifications, thus now any customer can obtain it as per their needs and suitability from online suppliers and exporters. It has different classes like 150#, 160#, 2500#, 1500#, and more. Also, they are well crammed in wooden or metal pallets in order to protect from damages and rusting, while transportation.

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