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UNS N06617

The Inconel Tubing UNS N06617 is also known as chromium-nickel-cobalt-molybdenum based alloy that has an exceptional combination of strength, oxidation resistance, and stability. It can work awesomely at elevated temperature. The addition of aluminum enhances the resistance toward oxidation. A wide range of aqueous environmental conditions can be resisted due to its features. It can’t work beyond temperature 1800 degree F. You can find its applications everywhere as well as in industrial furnace due to corrosion resistance and high-temperature work.


The specifications, dimensions, size, shape, form, finish, and the surface can be customized as per patron request. You can find three major forms as bars, plates, and sheets. These sheets, plates, and bars are easy to use and its maintenance is quite low.




The testing of Inconel tubing UNS N06617 is as follows- micro-test, macro test, hardness test, IGC test, PMI test, and third-party inspection.




The documentation is as follows- commercial invoice, heat treatment chart, and packaging list.




Packaging is executed using wooden pallets, crates, and boxes.


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