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UNS N06690

Inconel UNS N06690 Electrodes are manufactured from nickel and chromium alloy contents. It has exceptional immune to numerous corrosive aqueous media. It can even withstand too high-temperature conditions. With this, it is rust resistance, has good metallurgical stability, high strength as well as most favorable fabrication traits. Also, using the modern technology or machinery, it is designed under the supervision of a skilled workforce. It is easy to fabricate, form or weld. At present, it can be purchased in customized lengths, sizes, and thicknesses or in accordance with your necessities. The high quantity of nickel imparts immune to stress-rust cracking in sodium hydroxide solution or chloride containing atmospheres.


It is used in various applications like petrochemical preparing, furnaces, processing sulfuric acid, incinerators and many others. It can be purchased at the economical rates from any reliable vendor. It includes various specifications like ASTM, API, ASME, and many others. In addition to it, it is packed in the wooden cases with the labeling of specifications, heat and quantity number. The reason behind packing in wooden cases is to prevent from getting injured as well as rusted, while transportation.


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