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UNS N06690

Pipe Fittings Inconel UNS N06690 is a high chromium-nickel alloy which is having excellent imperviousness to several destructive watery media as well as extreme temperature climates. These pipe fitting are highly in demand today and they are provided by well-known supplier according to the needs of the client. They are made using raw material which is of good quality. When you see it in shops online you will find it in a number of forms, size, and finishing.



This alloy has a high content of chromium and so the pipe fittings are having good resistance to a number of oxidizing acids as well as salts. Also, they show resistance to increased temperatures. Elevated chromium-nickel content is responsible for resistance to corrosive media as well as high-temperature atmosphere! Some amazing features of Pipe Fittings Inconel UNS N06690 are-



High resistance to high temperature and oxidation


Excellent resistance to acids like nitric, phosphoric, sulfuric


Good resistance to pitting, inter crystalline and crevice corrosion


Free from chloride provoking stress corrosion cracking


These are some of the features which make it the most demanding and excellent alloy pipe fittings in the market. You must try it!


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