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UNS N07750

Inconel 750 is chromium-nickel alloy and is made up of precipitation hardenable by titanium and aluminum addition. It is having excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance properties along with high tensile strength and creep rupture properties at 1300 Deg F temperature. It is having an excellent resistance that is useful for plates. This superalloy is used in various applications that require corrosion and oxidation resistance qualities and high tensile strength. Inconel UNS N07750 plates is available in various specifications that vary in dimensions, grades, sizes, width, forms, surface finishes etc and at reasonable rates to satisfy the demand of the applications.


MTC and documentation offered-


The industry is offering MTC in accordance to 10204/3.1B, third-party test report, buyers report, lab test report etc. Additionally, the industry is offering documentation like fumigation certification, heat treatment chart, commercial invoice, quality assurance plan, packaging list, certification of origin etc.




The item is undergoing few tests for quality assurance, those are PMI test, IGC test, flattening test, flaring test, hydrostatic test, radiography test, macro test, micro test, chemical test, mechanical test etc. Thus, it has made the item to be an ideal choice for various applications. 



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