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Inconel Washer

Inconel Washer is a high-performance alloy composed mainly of Nickel and Chromium, along with smaller amounts of other materials like Iron, Cobalt, Molybdenum and Aluminum. Due to its unique composition, the Inconel washer has exceptional mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance and is highly resistant to extreme temperatures up to 2200F. It can also resist oxidation even at high temperatures and resist pitting or crevice corrosion in most chloride environments. This makes the Inconel washer ideal for aerospace engineering components, nuclear reactors and heat-treating applications.

Inconel washers are used to ensure reliable connections between mating surfaces. These flat, stamped parts are made of a nickel-chromium-based alloy and usually carry a 950 HV hardness rating, making them strong enough to withstand moderate mechanical loads. Due to their high corrosion resistance, Inconel washers provide superior protection against oxidation, pitting, and other types of rusting. Inconel washers are ideal for hostile environments or applications in which materials experience frequent thermal cycling.

The washers made from the Inconel exhibit resistance to corrosion, pitting, cracking, and various acids. Also, the washers made from this alloy can easily withstand extreme temperatures and retain their strength with little or no creep. Inconel washers are mainly used in heat exchangers, turbines, and other equipment exposed to elevated temperatures.

Inconel washers are manufactured in different forms: Inconel Belleville washers, dome washers, square washers, plain washers, lock washers, fender washers and hex washers. So, as per the customers' needs, these washers are customized in various lengths, sizes, and diameters.

The surface of these washers is coated with zinc plating, electropolishing, mirror buffed, Teflon coated, oxidized and chrome plated. The grades in which Inconel washers are available are 601, 600, 625 and 686 and so on. You can get a free quote for your custom size and specifications.

FAQ's for Inconel Washer

The HSN code for Inconel Washer is 7307.

To weld Inconel Washers, heat-affected zones need to be monitored carefully, and an inert gas shield needs to be added for protection from oxidation. It is also crucial that the correct filler material is used, as equipment temperature can vary depending on the alloy being welded.

No, Inconel Washers are not magnetic as they are composed of nickel-chrome alloys, which are non-magnetic.

The Price Range For Inconel Washer Products Is ₹210 To ₹300 Per Piece.

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