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These Inconel x750 plates are similar to other Inconel alloy products with a minute change; an addition of titanium and aluminum. This addition increases its precipitation and hardening properties to make it even better alloy. With the new addition, these plates have good resistance to creep and tensile conditions along with oxidation and corrosion resistance. They are even able to withstand a temperature of about 1300F making it usable in high cryogenic conditions.


Size and standards-

Talking about standards a product should be internationally acknowledged in terms of its manufacturing. To ensure this, plates are specified with AMS 5542, AMS 5598, AMS 5670, AMS 5671, UNS N07750, B50A151, and MIL-N-7786. One is always worried about getting their required size and to ensure that we have a wide range of 36”x120” or 48”x144” in width and length. However, if you need these plates in any other size, you can always custom order them as per your need.



To ensure that these Inconel x750 plates reach their destination without any damage, extensive care is being done so that no harm is caused during its shipment. Moreover, for this good quality packing is ensured for all our products.

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