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The Inconel X750 Washer is made up of alloy X-750, UNS N07750 which is one of the precipitation hardened alloy famous for its resistance against corrosion as well as in the environment of high-temperature oxidation. These washers can offer resistance even in temperature of 1300°F. This robust alloy material is similar to alloy 600 but is constructed through a process of precipitation hardened with the inclusion of aluminum plus titanium. The Inconel X750 washers are certified by ISO 9723-9725 and certifications of ASTM B637 & ASTM SB637. This inconel washer mainly contains nickel (70%) and chromium (14- 17%).


These materials also contain several elements. This composition increases their strength in difficult thermal conditions and harsh corrosive environments of salt water, oxidizing and non-oxidizing chemicals. They are extensively utilized in the industries of chemical processing, electronics, gas, and aerospace. They are designed and constructed of types of lock washers and flat washers found in different dimensions. Their manufacturing process is done under the expert guidance of experienced quality engineers. These are best quality Inconel X750 Washer that are manufactured using best quality of raw material and advanced technology.

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