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Invar 36 Coil

Invar 36 Coil is an alloy of Nickel, Iron, and Cobalt. It has a high thermal expansion coefficient in low-temperature applications and a low coefficient of thermal expansion when exposed to higher temperatures. It is typically used for casting parts that require the same levels of dimensional stability during high and low-temperature operations or where distortion from temperature changes is not desired. Its unique characteristics make it suitable for many specialized applications such as radio frequency shielding, tooling fixtures, x-ray equipment frames, optical fibre connectors and aerospace components.


Invar 36 Coil is an alloy made from 36% nickel with exceptional properties such as low thermal expansion, high strength, and good flexibility. It's commonly used for applications that require dimensional stability in extreme temperatures, such as measuring instruments, instrument frames, optical systems, etc. Invar 36 Coil also possesses excellent electrical conductivity and can achieve superior weldability while having good machinability with conventional methods.

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