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Invar 42 Coil

Invar 42 Coil is a nickel-iron alloy comprising approximately 39-43% Nickel, 58-61% Iron, and other trace elements. This highly specialized alloy offers minimal thermal expansion due to the properties of nickel and iron's thermal expansion coefficient. It is also highly corrosion-resistant and malleable, making it an ideal material for engineering applications such as vacuum systems, aircraft components, precision measuring devices, optical instruments and electrical transformers. Its low carbon content makes it suitable for cryogenic temperatures up to -200°C.

Invar 42 Coil is an alloy steel composed of 42% iron and 58% nickel. It has a very low thermal expansion rate, making it ideal for applications requiring stability across large temperature variations. The material exhibits an excellent strength-to-weight ratio in extremely low temperatures, making it perfect for cryogenic components such as liquid oxygen containers. It also offers excellent electrical and magnetic shielding properties with other metals or composites. Invar 42 Coil is often used to manufacture turbine blades, aircraft parts and more!

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