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Want to buy stainless steel for industrial purpose and do not know which one is suitable? Jethete M152 is stainless steel bars is a right choice for you. These grade bars manufactured with the top quality raw material and high-tech technology. It offers high durability, outstanding functionality, and standard and customized dimensions. This grade is a high strength alloy steel which has a very good toughness and creeps rupture strength. These bars are easily available in the market at very cheap cost and it is the best class stainless steel bars in the market and high in demand.


Its thickness and diameter range from 50 mm to 150 mm. These grades bar follow national as well as international standards. These grades are excellent in use in highly stressed turbine blades as well as turbine screws, shafts, bolts, pins and rings and also used in aerospace materials.


A Jethete M152 bar is supplied in different types of heat treatment depending on the specification required. These grades bars are Available in different shapes and forms as per customer’s requirement. Always make sure that these grades bars are tested and certified under expert’s guidance.

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