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A Jethete M190 bars provides optimal ductility as well as high tensile strength at the room temperature or slightly high temperatures. It is a martensitic stainless steel which is identical to jethete M151. It is also capable of resisting corrosion as well as heat. It contains carbon, nickel, chromium, vanadium, molybdenum and iron remainders. The bars made with this alloy are used in application like gas turbine parts, high heat bolting.


Jethete M190 bars are produces as per AMS 5822, MSRR9500/10, or AMS5823. This alloy is resistant to corrosive environment and also it is heat resistant thus it can be used for fusion welding. The bars of this grade are having good strength as well as resistant to oxidation up to 800?F. it is very useful in industrial as well as commercial areas.


The manufacturer who manufactures this material keep in mind specifications as per required by clients.  The length, width and size of the bars are produced as per industrial requirements or clients demand. Furthermore they are produced in various grades and forms to satisfy the customers need.

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