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A333 Gr 10

Low temperature carbon steel A333 Gr 10 pipes are those steel products contain a minimum of 0.03% of carbon content and offer high strength and corrosion resistance to these pipes. On the other hand, these pipes are used in different applications that need a piping system at low temperature. These are carbon steel pipes made with the quality of raw material that is inspected and tested by quality experts and inspection agencies. These pipes are high in demand due the excellent features and characteristics such as high tensile strength, durability, and hardness and corrosion resistance.

Well! If we talk about product specification and standards, these pipes cover not only national but international standards and specification also. The size of these pipes varies from ½ NB to 36 NB whereas its length is cut length, single random or double random. Being one of the best qualities of pipes, Low temperature carbon steel A333 Gr 10 pipes are well tested come across various tests IBR test, radiography test and inspected so can be packed in plastic bags or wooden cases to prevent it from rust and other unconditional damages.

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