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A333 Gr 3

Low temperature carbon steel A333 Gr 3 pipes are those steel products that cover seamless and welded alloy steel pipes with 0.03% of carbon content. These types of pipes are mainly used in low temperature atmosphere so that these pipes won’t get damaged. These pipes are used in various applications like boilerplates, wire products and so on. These pipes are often used to avoid the negative impact of the piping system. Well! If we talk about pipe standard and specifications, then these pipes meet both international and national standards that even include ASTM, ASME and ANSI standards as well. The raw material and steel used in these pipes are well tested and inspected by quality experts.

Specification of Low temperature carbon steel A333 Gr 3 pipes

As we have already told that these pipes cover both national and international standards. Therefore, its outer dimension ranges from 19.5mm to 114.3mm and wall thickness varies from 2.0mm to 14mm. These pipes come across various tests such as chemical composition inspection, elongation test, bending and hardness test. Moreover, to sustain the quality of these pipes they are packed in bundles or wooden cases.

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