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A333 Gr 6

Do you know about Low temperature carbon steel A333 Gr 6 pipes? If not, then this article is best for you as it entails you about low temperature pipes in detail with specifications. But before you readers move further to know about pipe standard. Let’s know about these pipes first. These are low temperature carbon steel pipes that are manufactured for low temperature piping system and to avoid damages when placed at high temperature. These pipes are widely used in an industrial application in order to transport fluids and gas. On the other hand, these pipes cover both national and international standards and packaging.

Low temperature carbon steel A333 Gr 6 pipes are available in different shapes and sizes. However, its normal size ranges from ½ NB to 36 NB and available types are seamless, welded, CDW and fabricated pipes. These pipes are available in different forms such as round, rectangle and hydraulic shaped. Moreover, these pipes come across various tests such as mill test, IBR test, third-party inspection and NABL approved lab test. To sustain pipe quality and durability, these pipes are packed in plastic bags, steel strips bundled or wooden boxes.

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