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A516 Gr 60

If you are searching for quality plates for various applications then you have to use Low-Temperature Carbon Steel plates A516 Gr 60 (Grade 415). Carbon steel is non-magnetic and austenitic steel that is popular for its durability and excellent strength. It contains a combination of elements and components like copper, nickel, titanium and much more. These elements and components make these plates stronger and harder. These plates are most commonly used in various applications such as shafts, bushings, nuts and bolts, aircraft fittings and much more. The cost of these plates is not so high so anyone can easily afford it. You don’t have to spend a large amount of money to buy it.


There are various materials used in the manufacturing of these plates. All the materials have to pass through so many test and certification. If material passes all the tests and certification then it is approved for manufacturing. The list of tests and analyzing are hardness test, durability test, third-party inspection test, mill test and much more. These plates have good packaging so it delivers easily from one place to another.

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