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A516 Gr 65

Low Temperature Carbon Steel A516 Gr 65 (Grade 450) Plates comprise a number of attributes such as immune to corrosion resistance, exceptional conductor to heat, resistance to oxidation and else. Although this is known to be low temperature carbon steel product but it is extremely hard and flexible. You can even get it at any price depending on the sizes and thickness. It is extremely easy to use this grade plate under any atmosphere because it is made using the high-quality product. Because it is made using both stainless steel and carbon steel, it is easy to use and maintain. This means, after the complete installation of this plate, you will not need to take care of it for a long time.


These low temperature carbon steel plates are considered great working ability and efficiency. You can install and use it in industrial applications such as boilers, food processing, petrochemical and more. Also, these are available in different types, sizes, value-added services as well as thickness. So, get it today to keep in mind your needs and demands.

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