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Low Temperature Carbon Steel Gr 55 Sheet

Low-temperature Carbon Steel Gr 55 Sheet is a medium carbon (0.50 to 0.60%), cold formable steel typically used for pressure vessels, brackets, and other fabrications where notch toughness and flexibility are required in the application. Its composition includes iron, carbon (0.50 - 0.60 %), manganese (1.05 - 1.30 %), phosphorus (max .035%), sulfur(Max .045%), silicon( Max .45%)and a small amount of copper (.20%). It offers superior performance at lower temperatures than regular carbon steel grades due to its unique strength and flexibility when exposed to cold temperatures below -15° C (-59°F).

Low-Temperature Carbon Steel Gr 55 Sheet is an excellent choice for cryogenic trailers, welded pressure vessels, offshore platforms and storage tanks. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and its ability to withstand low temperatures makes it an ideal choice for cold climates. Furthermore, its flexibility allows for the easy forming of sheet components, which can be further enhanced with heat treatment and galvanizing.

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