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Low Temperature Carbon Steel Gr 60 Sheet

Low-Temperature Carbon Steel Gr 60 Sheet is a carbon steel alloy composed of iron, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and silicon with a nominal 0.30% carbon content. It is designed for applications requiring low-temperature strength and excellent notch toughness. It has higher tensile strength than conventional carburizing steels and is suitable for applications in sub-zero temperatures where corrosion resistance and wear resistance are important criteria.

Low-Temperature Carbon Steel Gr 60 Sheet is a low-carbon, non-alloy steel used for extreme cold conditions. It has excellent machinability and weldability properties and is commonly used in applications like pressure vessels, bridges, piping systems, storage tanks, replacement parts for wind turbines and air handling units. Its high strength at low temperatures makes it ideal for designing these components with special requirements, such as those in cryogenic or outdoor environments that must withstand temperature variations.

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