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Low Temperature Carbon Steel Gr 70 Sheet

Low-Temperature Carbon Steel Gr 70 Sheet is a carbon steel alloy with sulfur and phosphorus added to improve the alloy’s machinability. The usual composition of this material includes 0.07-0.13% carbon, 0.30-0.60% manganese, ≤ 0.035% phosphorous, ≤ 0.045 % sulfur, and 2-2.5 % silicon plus a small amount of copper for improved strength against corrosion associated with low temperatures or climates that routinely experience extreme temperature swings like northern Canada and Alaska.

Low-Temperature Carbon Steel Gr 70 Sheet is a low alloy steel that provides strength and creep resistance at temperatures below -150°F. It also has excellent machinability, forming, and welding characteristics, which make it useful in structural applications such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, bridges, storage tanks and many more. In addition, it is corrosion-resistant due to its high chromium content, making it an ideal material for applications requiring high-temperature strength and performance.

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