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Low Temperature Carbon Steel Lf2 Forged Fittings are composed of a combination of nickel, chromium and molybdenum, which provide superior strength and toughness compared to low-carbon steel material. Due to its chemical composition, LF2 has excellent resistance against moisture corrosion and can withstand temperatures ranging from -50°F to 275°F. It also features good impact strength at cryogenic temperatures while exhibiting excellent weldability under high-heat applications. This makes it the perfect choice for fabricators needing improved yield strength and toughness.

Low Temperature Carbon Steel Lf2 Forged Fittings are an ideal choice for applications that require high strength, toughness and wear resistance. The high carbon content of these steel fittings makes them suitable for cryogenic temperatures due to their increased resistance to embrittlement at low temperatures. These forged fittings also provide superior corrosion resistance, excellent cold-forming properties and enforceability. In addition, the tight tolerances and dimensional accuracy provided by these forgings allow for precise assembly and secure components joining in many engineering projects.

FAQ's for Low Temperature Carbon Steel LF2 Forged Fittings

Used in cryogenic applications, LF2 forged fittings are ideal for low temperature services in chemical, oil and gas industries.

The density of LF2 forged fittings ranges from 7.85 g/cm³ to 7.87 g/cm³, depending on the exact composition.

Grade LF2 forged fittings can be identified by their ASTM A350 designation and chemical composition which includes carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and molybdenum.

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