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MN13 Manganese steel Plate is a high-strength alloy of iron and manganese. It is known for its excellent wear resistance, impact toughness, and strength at elevated temperatures. It primarily comprises 27% manganese, 12% carbon and 1.2% silicon, and traces of other elements such as sulfur, phosphorus and copper. Manganese steel may also be referred to as Hadfield steel or quotemanganalquot due to the manganese content in its core composition. This robust metal alloy has long been utilized in various industries such as mining and construction for its remarkable physical properties that make it resistant to shock loadings, abrasions, and tears from even the most extreme use conditions.

Manganese steel MN13 Plate is a challenging and durable steel type with many valuable properties. It is well-known for its toughness and ability to weld easily due to its low carbon content. It can withstand shocks, wear and corrosion better than most other types of steel, making it ideal for various applications in the automotive, construction, agriculture and marine industries. Its unique strength, malleability and corrosion resistance allow it to be used in multiple scenarios where performance matters. Additionally, manganese steel MN13 plate can easily be machined using advanced techniques such as laser or water jet cutting. This makes it great for intricate designs needed in pieces like automotive engines. Ultimately, the manganese steel MN13 plate shows why it is essential for many industries when affordability, durability and reliability are all key factors.

FAQ's for Manganese Steel MN13 Plates

Manganese Steel MN13 Plate Start From Rs. 250/Kilogram To Rs. 500/Kilogram

Manganese Steel MN13 Plate offers superior wear resistance, durability and corrosion resistance compared to other steels, making it the ideal choice for more demanding applications. In addition, its high manganese content makes it easy to weld and form into any desired shape.

Manganese Steel MN13 Plate has a wide range of applications due to its excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, durability and corrosion resistance. Industries such as automotive, construction, mining and agriculture may benefit from using this steel plate in their products or processes.

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