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Maraging Steel 350 Coil

Maraging Steel 350 Coil is a form of high-strength, low-alloy steel composed of nickel, chrome and cobalt. It has superior strength compared to traditional carbon steels while maintaining excellent flexibility. Maraging Steel 350 Coil also exhibits good toughness at elevated temperatures and excellent corrosion resistance. The alloy content can be manipulated to produce custom properties for specific applications, making it a great choice for aerospace and defence components industries.

Maraging Steel 350 Coil is a high-strength, nickel-copper alloy with superior mechanical properties. It offers excellent wear resistance, fatigue strength, and thermal stability. These properties make it ideal for aerospace components, valves and pumps, medical implants and hand tools. It also has a high corrosion resistance, making it an optimal choice for marine or saltwater environments. Its strength and malleability make the Maraging Steel 350 Coil an outstanding choice for any application requiring superior performance characteristics.

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