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There are many stockiest and suppliers of Monel 400 bars. These are the bars that offer the people with high quality, durable and corrosion resistance that helps them to stand for long. They are available to you in various shapes and sizes so that they can easily meet the demands of the clients. Customized shapes and sizes of bars are also available to the people as per their demands. Let’s know more about Monel 400 bars.


Monel 400 bars are available to you in various shapes such as square bars, black bars, round bars and forged bars.  These are the bars that are made with the best quality of material and the material is well tested before use. The melting range of these bars ranges from 1300 ?c. The bars are tested at every stage of manufacturing so that customer can get great satisfaction. The dimensions of the bars are ASTM, ASME, and API. Specifications of the bars are ADTM B 164, B 865. The size of these bars are 6 mm to 120mm, length of these bars can be random fix or cut length.

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