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Monel 400 Bolts are one of the important items of any manufacturing industry. These nut or bolts are highly used because of their durability and other great features such as high performance, perfect in dimension, easy handling and more. These bolts are designed and customized as per client’s requirement or industrial needs. Therefore, you can find bolts in different shapes and sizes. There are hexagonal, square and other shaped alloy Gr6 bolts which a customer can choose as per his projects requirement. For example, commercial and industrial construction materials are fabricated using eye nuts. These nuts are manufactured in different length, size and specifications which may vary as per the need of customer.


The standard specifications of Alloy 400 Bolts are ASTM, DIN, BS and other international standards. As said earlier that these are available in different types so what are they? Panel nuts, dome nuts, acorn nuts, coupling nuts, lock nuts, counter sunk bolts, hex head nuts, lag bolts, U bolts, T bolts are other types of nuts available. These nuts or bolts also vary in chemical composition which provides different properties to them so that they can be used in different working environments.

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