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Monel 400 Coil

Monel 400 Coil is an alloy of nickel and copper with traces of iron, manganese, carbon and silicon. It also has excellent strength and corrosion resistance properties. Monel 400 Coil can be found in both hot-rolled and cold-rolled forms for various purposes, including heat exchangers, pressure vessels and pipes. The tensile strength is typically between 80 KSI (550 MPa)and 90 KSI (620 MPa). In addition to its high-performance capabilities, the Monel 400 Coil is easy to weld, form or braze, making it perfect for a wide range of applications.


Monel 400 Coil is an alloy with many useful properties. It is incredibly corrosion-resistant, even when exposed to seawater or salt water, making it ideal for marine hardware and fastener applications. Its excellent strength and flexibility make it a great choice for fabricating parts that must be bent or formed into complicated shapes. Monel 400 Coil also has good electrical and thermal conductivity, so its uses extend beyond mechanical engineering applications.

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