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The electrode is designed to fit the highest as well as cryogenic temperatures. The Monel 400 is highly resistant to corrosion. The filler metal can be hardened through cold working or rolling. It does well in fabrication in liquid helium and hydrogen environments. The alloy contains high nickel and copper elements to increase corrosion resistance. The electrode is resistant to stress cracking in fresh water. The grade can be used in temperatures under 5300 C. The material has excellent strength and toughness in most conditions. However, the alloy is prone to corrosion in nitric and ammonia-bearing environments. The electrode can withstand hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.


Properties of monel 400 electrodes


Mechanical- The filler metal has a density of 8.8g/cm3. The tensile strength is 550MPa while the yield strength is 240MPa. The alloy has a maximum elongation capacity of 40% in 50mm.


Chemical- The elements found in monel 400 electrodes are carbon, silicon, nickel, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, manganese, and iron. It has a high nickel and copper composition to enhance corrosion resistance.




  • Pulp and paper industry.
  • Pump and propeller shafts.
  • Gasoline and freshwater tanks.
  • Petrochemicals.

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