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Fasteners Monel 400 is said to be a solid solution nickel and chromium alloy and it can only be toughened by cold working. It is best known for its rust resistance to decreasing seawater and media. It is also hardened in oxidizing atmospheres as compared to copper alloys. It is even used in soaring temperature, salt, and caustic solution applications. Monel fasteners demonstrate good rust resistance over various temperature, high strength and toughness as well. At the top, it has prime quality finishing and duress for zero defects, high pressure, and long life.


 It is 100% original product and has an ability to be used under extreme weather conditions. The length of the monel fasteners are from M 02 to M 33 and the size is from 3 mm – 200 mm. Fasteners Monel 400 are very light in weight and no extra need to keep it maintained for a long time. Out of this, it is sent to the certified labs to make sure its optimum quality and faultlessness. After that, it is packed with quality packing materials like wooden cases or pallet to prevent it from rusting and unconditional damages.

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