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The Monel 400 Flanges are super alloy Flanges that exhibit high corrosion resistivity against a wide range of corrosive media. They offer high performance and high strength even when used under high stress. These flanges are strengthened by processes like work hardening, solid-solution hardening, and precipitation hardening. The Monel 400 Flanges are highly suitable for application in very high temperatures. They can be used for applications even at temperatures ranging above 540°C (1000°F). These Flanges possess the ability to withstand deformation at high temperatures, hence they are formed into a variety of different flange types.

The Monel 400 Flanges are Nickel-based flanges, where nickel helps them to be reliable for application in extreme heat environments. These Flanges are suitable for applications where high surface stability is required. They also exhibit good creep and high oxidation resistance. These Monel 400 Flanges have high form-ability and they can be formed with all conventional farming methods. The applications of the Monel 400 Flanges are found in a variety of industries because of their high resisting properties. Industries that use the flanges are Marine Industries, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical industries. They are used for the production of Marine Fixtures, Seawater piping Systems, Aerospace fixtures and Components for chemical reaction vessels.


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