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The Monel 400 Instrumentation Fittings are designed for the purpose of instrumentation applications to prevent the leakage that occurs. The monel fittings are mostly used in the pressure applications or in the places where high vibration occurs. The monel fittings are available in various design types and shapes with good torque capacity which can be chosen widely based on the requirement. These fittings consist of high levels of nickel which made it as exceptional sea corrosion resistant so that it can be used in marine industries also.


The production of wide range of products under monel 400 is to meet the industrial needs because using the fitting made up of it in the industrial places for connecting the tubes and pipes were highly useful to avoid leakage as in industrial areas using the fittings with high strength and resistant is required. Than in residential areas the needs of fittings were it required more in industries that to with intensive strength and corrosion resistant to withstand in high temperatures and pressure so only these kind of fittings were preferred for industrial purposes.

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