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Monel 400 Instrumentation Fittings are composed of an alloy of copper and nickel, making them highly malleable and corrosion-resistant. The composition is predominantly nickel, at 63%, with the remaining constituents being copper, carbon, iron, manganese, silicon, and sulfur in varying traces. These accompaniments reinforce its malleability while providing additional protection against corrosion from chemical agents like HF acid or ammonium sulfate. Monel 400 is a strong yet light alloy and offers superior strength when cold-worked. This makes Monel 400 ideal for instrumentation fittings where high durability and a long lifespan are expected.

400 Monel Instrumentation Fittings are versatile components that connect instrumentation, piping, and tubing in various industries. Primarily composed of nickel and copper, Monel 400 offers high-temperature resistance, making it suitable for heat applications such as oil and gas production. It has excellent corrosion-resistant properties in fresh and saltwater conditions, making it an ideal choice for marine and offshore applications. The combination of strength and flexibility makes Monel 400 extraordinarily durable and can withstand constant stresses without additional support or reinforcement. These fittings also possess excellent weldability and outstanding electrical conductivity, making them suitable for all electronic instruments. All these properties make Monel 400 one of the most reliable fittings available today.

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