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Do you want to know more about the Monel Nuts? You must have to read this article to get the information regarding Monel 400 Nuts. We will provide you complete information and discussion about its features and specifications. This Gr 400 Monel nuts offers many salient and outstanding features and is designed which meets the various industries norms and quality standards and can be hardened by the cold working method. Monel alloy nuts are especially used in complex applications and Monel alloy is very useful materials for the manufacture of high-quality products.


Specifications of Monel 400 Nuts-


These gr 400 nuts of Monel alloy follow standard specification ASTM F 467, ASME SF 467 and have other standards DIN, BS, and all international standards. The length of Monel 400 Nuts lies between the 3mm to 200mm and has sizes M3-M56 and custom sizes. These bolts come in many types such as U bolts, Eyebolts, Lag bolts, Hex head bolts, square nuts, lock nuts, wing nuts and many other types.


If we talk about its packaging, it can be packed under machined bags and provide proper seal before dispatching of the product.


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