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Monel 400 pipe fittings are high strength and a high-performance alloy of copper and nickel. It is exhibiting excellent resistance to the alkalis and acids, good thermal conductivity and good ductility and can be hardened through cool working. It is suitable for various applications that are working temperatures that range subzero-1000?F. It is unique all among the alloy family of Monel and containing the same percent of copper and nickel as occurring naturally nickel that is extracted from mines. 


The Monel 400 butt weld fittings are produced using the latest technology and high quality of raw materials. The product is produced by keeping both national and international standard quality in their mind. It is designed especially for the use in reducing environment in the industry.  Wide varieties of Monel 400 fitting are offered in various size, shapes, grades, specifications, thicknesses etc.


The size in which Monel 400 buttweld pipe fittings is available in is ½” to 4”. The standard specification of it is ASME/ASTM SB 366. The type of fitting you will see is threaded and socket-weld. The dimension of fitting is MSS-SP-43, ASME/ANSI B16.9 etc. Its grade is Monel 400 UNS No. N04400.

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