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The Monel 400 Screw offers a wide variety of features including excellent resistance property for various marine applications, high strength, and good toughness at the high-temperature condition. The most often used of the grades of Monel screws are Monel 400 and Monel K500. The Monel 400 screw is a combination of nickel-copper alloy and is suitable for many applications.


Specifications -


The Monel 400 Screw is designed in accordance with the national as well as international standards. The size of the screw lies between 3mm to 200mm and size lies between M02 to M160. It follows DIN/ANSI/ JIS and other equivalent standards. This screw is hex, square, round and is designed as per client’s demand.




If we talk about the packing of this screw, it is covered in wooden pallets and small boxes to provide the protection from any kind of external damage. It is supplied in bulk form or taken individual orders and is certified by various tests to ensure the quality of the product. Grab the Monel 400 Screw and utilize in industrial and this is available in cheap market price.


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