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The Monel 400 Washer is generally used in hydrocarbon processing units, chemical industries, and marine engineering. They bear high tensile strength along with good resistance against corrosion. The machined washers of this material provide a low rate of corrosion in salty water. They are mainly resistant against the acidic environment of hydrofluoric and hydrochloric. These premium qualities of washers are manufactured from different metal alloys as well as metals by following standard specifications of ASME/DIN/ASTM under the supervision of expert quality engineers. They are constructed in different dimensions using raw materials of certified vendors.


Monel 400 Washer uses are not only restricted in petrochemical industries but they are also extensively used in Brine heaters, inert gas systems Scrubbers of sea water, tubing of the steam generator and feed water. Not only this, their work efficiency remains the same in environments of mild to moderate oxidation and reduction. Their excellent weldability is often seen in marine appliances like pump shafts, seawater valves etc. Besides chemical plant pieces of equipment, they are also utilized in eyeglass frames, musical appliances and in aerospace industries.

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