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Monel Forging

Monel Forging is a metal forming process used to create customised components in mainly automotive, aerospace, nuclear and marine industries. It involves shaping metal or alloy into the desired shape using applied forces such as hammering, pressing and rolling while heating the material until it becomes pliable enough to be shaped. Monel forging is usually composed of nickel-copper alloys with some iron, manganese, silicon and carbon added for strength. The addition of aluminium results in an even stronger alloy suitable for extreme conditions such as high-pressure systems and marine environments.


Monel Forging is a metal alloy composed of nickel and copper and other elements such as iron, manganese, silicon, carbon and sulfur. It is an incredibly strong material that can be used to make components for many different industries, including shipbuilding and aerospace. Monel Forging has excellent corrosion resistance properties in fresh and saltwater environments, making it especially suitable for parts exposed to harsh weathering conditions, such as pumps, motors and valves. Its strength makes it perfect for high-performance applications like fasteners or components subjected to extreme temperatures.

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