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Monel K500 Foil

Monel K500 foil is an alloy of nickel, copper and iron which exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance in fresh and saltwater and mild acids. It also has excellent mechanical properties, making it suitable for structural parts that require strength at high temperatures. Its composition is approximately 65% nickel, 20-29% copper and 5-9% iron, and small amounts of manganese, silicon, carbon and sulfur. 

Due to its Excellent Corrosion Resistance, Monel K500 foil has many uses, especially in corrosive environments. It is non-magnetic and highly resistant to oxidation and erosion. Its melting point is around 2460°F (1350°C), making it suitable for high-temperature applications like furnace heating. It also possesses high strength and toughness, even at cryogenic temperatures, making it ideal for components requiring superior mechanical properties. Furthermore, its low thermal conductivity makes it a great conductor of electricity while remaining strong and lightweight.

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