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Are you searching for a bar? If yes then you must read this article. In this article you can get info about bars. There are various kinds of bars available that is made from different metals and have different grades but Monel R405 Bars are the best among them all. Monel R-405 is the best grade that is free from machining. In these bars, higher sulfur is included to increases the machinability of bars. These bars are most widely used in various applications such as marine, chemical industries, food industries and much more. These bars have unique properties that it the biggest reason for its popularity.


Following are the features of Monel R405Bars:

The key feature of these bars is that it has excellent resistance to alkaline and the neutral salt. This bar also has good resistance to stress cracking. It does not get rusted in the presence of water and humidity. These bars have good machinability and it is most widely used in automatic screw machines. It also has resistance to chloride and corrosion. These bars also have resistance to steam and seawater at high temperatures.

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