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UNS N04400

If you want to buy Monel fastener then Monel UNS N04400 fasteners is the right choice for you. Monel fastener has the quality finishing, duress for long life, resistant to high pressure and temperature condition; it is designed precisely with zero defects. Monel alloy 400 fastener is composed according to the national and global standard nature of raw material ensuring their high quality and toughness. UNS N04400 fastener of Monel alloy can be modified regarding thickness and sizes according to the particular requirement of the client.



Product Specification:



This fastener comes in standard specifications like DIN, ASTM, ASME, BS etc. It comes in standard size M10 to M100 and length is availed in cut to length size. These fasteners are available in various types such as bolts, nuts, screws, studs, sockets, screw, machine screw, socket head cap; U- bolts structural bolts etc. This material is design as per the client specific requirement. In addition, it is available in various surface coatings and finishing.



Monel fasteners are wrapped by hand to maintain the product quality and are packed in plywood case or pallets. This is tested on various parameters to ensure the product quality during the last stage of production.

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