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Nickel Alloy 200 bolts are highly corrosion-resistant, making them practical for various industrial and marine applications. Their chemical composition is based on nickel and chromium, which, together, create a high-strength alloy with excellent resistance to stress cracking. The alloy also contains small amounts of manganese and iron, contributing to better formability and weldability. Not only do Nickel Alloy 200 bolts provide superior strength and corrosion resistance due to their chemical composition, but they also display good ductility in both hot and cold temperatures and critical electrical properties when needed.

Nickel Alloy 200 Eye Bolts are a popular choice among many industries because of their ease of working and corrosion resistance. Due to their heat-resistance properties, they have become handy in high-temperature conditions in the food and beverage processing, petrochemical, and textile manufacturing fields. Additionally, they are often used in marine industries, as they can stand up against harsh salt air. Due to their solid magnetic capabilities, Nickel Alloy 200 Bolts provide superior fastening strength in electrical applications. This corrosion-resistant material also offers better stability than steel bolts at high temperatures; for this reason, it is an excellent tool for aircraft engine work. Nickel Alloy 200 Bolts can be a great solution for most industrial requirements with its ability to resist stress cracking and diminish fabrication costs.

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