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Nickel alloy 200 instrumentation fittings are mainly used for quite large application like oil and gas industry equipment, paper and pulp industry, heat exchangers and so on. This nickel alloy tubing’s has a excellent resistance towards the under varying crevice and pitting corrosions and at the meanwhile with the national and international quality of the raw materials are used for manufacturing the nickel alloy fittings. The nickel 200 instrumentation fittings have been manufactured in the customized size and shapes, so it is used in wide range of application areas and it also have the high tensile strength and thickness.


The three types of the nickel alloys are BSP, SCREWED; BSPT where all the types of the nickel alloy has the capability to form the Hex Nipple, Adapter, Union, Elbow, Tee, Cap etc. These nickel 200 instrumentation fittings are manufactured based on the proven designs in order to produce the high and standard quality of the nickel products with high resistance power, strength. The nickel alloy materials are used for the large industries for heavy duty applications due to its features and mechanical properties. Now a day the nickel alloy products are widely used in the large and heavy duty industries in the various fields.

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