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Nickel 200 Nuts is present with many renowned suppliers and manufacturers in the wide ranges. This product is mostly designed from commercially wrought nickel that is ferromagnetic in nature. Also, this is a solid solution strengthened and commercially wrought materials that exhibit exceptional chemical and mechanical properties. Its corrosion resistance property makes it specifically useful for maintaining product purity and quality in the synthetic fibers, handling of foods, and caustic alkalis. It features innovative and upgraded design along with accuracy in dimensions. This is highly cohesive and even assures outstanding corrosion resistance. It can tolerate extremely high temperatures and can be easily kept under extreme weather conditions.


Nickel 200 Nuts is covering specifications like ASTM, IS, and BS and the size can be ordered as per your need. The size doesn’t come below 3 mm. You can now get it at affordable rates from the online manufacturers. It has own uses and even has the ability to be exposed at high temperature. It is now available in custom-built options so that clients can buy it as per their needs and budget too.

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