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The Nickel 200 Stud Bolts are commercially available pure or alloy free nickel bolts. They exhibit properties which are useful in several fields, especially in chemical processing and in electronics. In general pure nickel is highly resistant to various reducing chemicals and to caustic alkalies. They are also known to have high electrical and thermal conductivity as compared with other nickel alloys. The nickel bolts show excellent resistance to corrosive environments. The other useful features of the alloy are its magnetic properties, low gas content and low vapour pressure.




The corrosion resistance property is highly appreciated in the food industry. It is essential for maintaining product purity in handling of foods, synthetic fibres and caustic alkalies and also in structural applications. They are also found to be used in chemical shipping drums and electronic parts, aerospace engineering and missile components.




Most fabricators keep in mind the client needs before delivering the stud bolts. They can be manufactured in all shapes and sizes. They can also provide further coating to enhance the properties. They are all manufactured to meet national and international standards

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