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200 Nickel Alloy Tubing is made of nickel, making up a significant portion of its composition. It also contains lower iron, manganese, carbon, silicon, and copper. The combination of these elements gives Nickel Alloy 200 Tubing its corrosion resistant capabilities making it ideal for applications involving harmful chemicals and water. Its malleability allows it to be bent without breaking, so it is widely preferred in areas such as the power industry and food production where tubing must endure constant pressure or movement. As a result, Nickel Alloy 200 Tubing has become one of the most popular materials used in industries around the world due to its unique properties.

Nickel Alloy 200 Tubing is a versatile material often used in various industries due to its impressive range of properties. This tubing is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, making it ideal for parts exposed to these environmental issues. Its malleable nature also provides easy manufacturing with post-forming features, which can be easily used to create complex shapes and sizes. Furthermore, this tubing has excellent electrical conductivity and low levels of gasses absorption. This makes it suitable for electrical components and adds strength to the product’s lifespan by adding an extra layer of protection from wear and tear. Nickel Alloy 200 Tubing provides all the necessary features for various applications; from chemical processing components to heat exchangers in industrial plants.

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