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Nickel is a chemical element with the atomic number 28. It possesses luster and a golden tinge on its surface. It is reactive in nature and exists in the combined form with other elements like Sulphur, arsenic or iron. Nickel 200, also known as Phyweld 200 is commercially pure, which has excellent mechanical properties and it corrosion resistant. It is used to make Nickel 200 Valves, which are devices that control the uni-directional flow of fluids.


Mechanical properties of Nickel 200 Valves:

  • Commercially pure.
  • Resistant to various reducing agents and alkalis.
  • Good magnetostrictive properties.
  • High electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Good ductility.


Applications of Nickel 200 Valves:

  • Used to make valves, which are used in different machines for plumbing. Also used in washing machines and dish washers.
  • Manufacture of electronic and electrical components.
  • Production of synthetic fibers.


Nickel 200 alloy is used widely to maintain product purity in handling foods, synthetic fibers and alkalis. Most of the nickel in the earth’s crust is mined forx industrial purposes.

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